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Yeliz Kaya
Professional Hairstylist

As a professional Hairstylist, I attach great imporance to quality and originality.

Partly thanks to the techniques I have learned during my training, following the latest trends and by applying the required amount of creativity, I try to work as closely as possible to the wishes of the client.
Partly because of my flexible attitude, I am very versatile for both professional and private clients.

Feel free to look around on my website for more information about me, my goals, and my work.

Yeliz Kaya

Recent Works

A selection of recent works. Click an image to open the page that contains the complete series. You can find the same series at the menu at the top of each page. For info or bookings, workshops and availability, please visit my contact page.


Series Four

Series Six

Series One

Series Seven

Coiffure Award 2013

Series Two

Series Three

Series Five